Shabbat 200

This weekend at Chabad we have one of the most popular events of the whole year. It is where over 200 students, staff and facility come together for an amazing Friday night. This year we are very happy to have Mrs. Molly Resnick, she is a veteran journalist and NBC TV producer, she has interviewed many celebrities. Mrs. Resnick will come and talk to the 200 students, staff and facility about how she came from being a secular Jew to becoming more religious. It really will be an insipring and uplifiting talk about how being Jewish is something that you can achieve no matter what type of situation you are in. Also, during Shabbat 200 we will be showcasing all the different foods we eat during Shabbat. They include the traditional braided bread  Challah, matzah ball soup, gefilte fish, chicken and many more amazing foods. Shabbat 20o is a chance for 200 students, staff and facility to come together and have an amazing meal, be inspired and most importantly come out feeling proud of being Jewish. Shabbat 200 is a really amazing chance for students and the staff at CSU to interact in a way different than just being in the classroom. Shabbat 200 is a chance for Jews who have not previously participated in an event feel comfortable coming and seeing how amazing of a Jewish community we have up here in Fort Collins. Shabbat 200 is an amazing event and something not to miss out on. For more information please go to