Mr. & Ms. CSU Homecoming Pageant

Mr. & Ms. CSU 2012
Mr. & Ms. CSU 2012

CSU students, the time has come! The Black/African American Cultural Center is hosting their annual Mr. & Ms. Colorado State Homecoming Pageant this Sunday, October 6th at 6:00 p.m. But this isn’t your typical Beauty Pageant .The Black/African American Cultural Center uses this Pageant as a way to challenge the social norms of beauty.

Society makes it very clear through media portrayal that the color of our skin, our weight, and our overall appearance plays a huge factor in what we see as beautiful. Pageants generally are no different. Women of all ages objectify themselves to modifications, in attempt to reach this supreme level of beauty that is truly unattainable.


The Black/African American Cultural Center puts a spin on Pageants and brings light to Black Beauty and exemplifies the idea that beauty is universal, not limited to one shape, size, or color.  What is outer beauty without inner beauty? This Pageant will be a testament to the correlation of being at one with ones mind, body, and soul.  The contestants will be judged on their interview, beachwear, formal wear, and talent. All four events give the contestants a chance for their character and inner beauty to sweep the judges away.

This is sure to be an unforgettable night! Tickets are only $3 for students. Be sure to stop by the Black/African American Cultural Center in the LSC West to pick up your ticket. Hope to see you there!