Love it or Leave it: USA’s 2014 Team Uniforms

Ralph Lauren released a sneak peak of the new team uniforms for the Winter Olympics in Sochi this coming February. Lauren is the main designer of Team USA’s uniform for each Olympics. This year’s uniforms are all made stateside after he got backlash for the 2012 Summer Olympic uniforms being made in China.

I personally thought the uniforms for the 2012 Summer Olympics were hideous. They did not do anyone any justice, girls or guys. Though knee length skirts were on trend, they were just not working for the female athletes. And the berets? Please. The uniforms looked so dated and so not modern, I was wondering just what Ralph Lauren and his design team were thinking.


Team USA’s 2012 Olympic uniforms

2014’s on the other hand, what an improvement! The opening ceremony ensemble includes a red-striped peacoat, a classic turtle neck ski sweater and an American flag tassel hat. Even though it is a more traditional look and kind of stereotypical for the Winter Olympics, they look much better than the uniforms in last year’s Olympics.

2014’s Opening Ceremonies uniform

When I think of Olympic uniforms, they have to embody the spirit of the country, but also be classic in style, meaning that team uniforms aren’t the place to try the newest runway trends. Yes, they can be innovative and modern, but classic is best. But who’s to say that the fair isle sweater isn’t on trend right now, but still a winter classic?

What do you think? Do you love or leave the team uniforms for the Sochi Olympics?
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