Homework before Homecoming

With Homecoming just around the corner and the exams and major assignments due this week, Greek Life takes major steps in making sure the brothers and sisters of their respective organizations plan Homecoming without letting their grades drop.

I am sure the majority of students have seen Greek letters being represented in the library more than anywhere, and they wondered if it was the only time they would actually study. Well, being part of Greek Life and having to deal with a major week coming up, you have to prioritize and go hard on the books while you still have time, because once Homecoming starts, all the members are going to be  involved in it.


It may seem like a lot of work for them now to handle the clash with midterms while also planning and preparing for Homecoming, but when the week arrives it is going to be worth it. This is how Greek Life pays you back. You put in the effort and it burns you out, but when all the hard work is already put in, that is when you start enjoying the feeling of being a proud member of the Greek Life.

So, just a message to all those brothers and sisters out there representing their letters: Go hit the books hard this week while planning for Homecoming, because this is a test for you to handle different situations that you will face in the real world.

Getting the experience here will help you be successful later when you have a number of important tasks you must get done within a limited amount of time.