Guillermo González Camarena, Inventor of Color Screens

Sleep is one of the most important things for you.  It’s science.  Sleep clears out unwanted byproducts from your brain.  So after midterms, give yourself some good rest.

This week has been noticeably slower in the realm of technology.  A new poll has discovered that “young people” find technology dehumanizingProsoft, has released an industrial wireless hotspot, that apparently serves wifi for all.  Could this be a device that could solve our campus Wifi woes?  Access to technology is seen as a vital part of education these days.  However, I would argue that at times, technology can be distracting in learning.


At what point do we have to continually chop everything into binaries?  Straight/gay, male/female, black/white, don’t we have so much more to us than just these basic, shallow, definitions.  So forgive me for mocking this modern pc institution of marginalizing people who frankly made the world a better place.

Guillermo González Camarena invented the first color TV screen.  In his short life, this prodigy created the color television by age 17.  He created it using scrap parts from flea markets.  With an innovative mind, Camarena continued research.  His interests in electronics and astronomy were pursued, however, the color TV tends to be his most widely used invention.

His invention has utterly transformed society.  Without Camarena’s pioneering work, we wouldn’t have half the devices we use.  So thank this Mexican native for helping us see beyond the simple black/white binaries.  Without his creation, the world would be boring.  Camarena is a genius that overcame great obstacles to give the world a new perspective.

Have a good weekend