Best of CSU: The seven most interesting things to find at Jax Sporting Goods


A s'mores maker you can use without a campfire! Photo by Hannah Woolums
A s’mores maker you can use without a campfire! Photo by Hannah Woolums

Jax offers many interesting and unique supplies to meet the needs of various activities. From cooking to archery, they have everything that one may need. They focus on out-door related themes, and have something for everyone- even your furry friends- here are seven of the most interesting and unique items that Jax has to offer.


  1. Hiking shoes for dogs seem to be rather trendy in this outdoors dedicated store, so pick up a pair for your pooch. Jax offers many different styles depending on the sports or activities you will be doing; they even carry cleated styles for your dogs.
  2. Not a fan of going camping and doing your business in the woods? Try a portable toilet to make you feel more at home
  3. If you feel the need for a morning piece of toast on your camping trip, try the Camp Stove toaster and feel like you are back in your own kitchen
  4. Going on a camping trip, but still can’t live without your electronics? Try their portable, solar powered chargers.
  5. Love s’mores but don’t have a place to cook them? Try their Microwavable S’more Kit to get the perfect s’more every time.
  6. If you are not in to any of the outdoorsy activities, you can keep yourself occupied with their wide wall of Jelly Belly jelly beans.
  7. Got bored with shopping? Pick up a bow and arrow and try out the archery range.


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