Au Revoir Paris! | PFW Fashion Trends Spring 2014

As promised, my final post on my fashion month roundup is on the fashion trends from Paris. Paris gave us some variety in terms of the specific looks that it offered. By no means are you meant to fit in, but rather stand out next spring.

Here are the top trends from Paris:


Brightly Colored Metallics

While metallics have shown up as a trend on nails for next season, it’s now a clothing trend for next season. However, these metallics aren’t just in your basic golds and silvers, but in all colors of the rainbow ranging from rose gold to bright blue.


For a more retro and girly feeling, designers such as Dior, Nina Ricci and Celine brought back accordion pleats in their designs this spring. Coming in all lengths, prints and colors, these bring a vintage flair to the table, but updated for modern times. Definitely something to watch out for come March.


It was no surprise that this was a trend coming off the runways. Contrasting the mod black and white of last spring and this fall, color entered the runways in bold patterns and color combinations. Chanel exhibited use of both bold and pastel colors throughout their art gallery inspired show (even in their makeup too!).


I noticed that many shows in both Milan and Paris this year used the inspiration of many cultures’ rich traditional clothing in their lines. Dolce & Gabbana did it in Milan, and Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Givency showed it in their collections as well. The clothing used exquisite techniques, colors and history to create one of a kind looks.


I’m super curious how all of these trends, both fashion and beauty are going to go mainstream for the spring. At the same time, I’m excited to start seeing clothing inspired from these trends in the stores, but for now, I’m just enjoying wearing all of my oversized sweaters, boots and scarves.

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