When in Milan | MFW Beauty Trends Spring 2014

When in Milan, do as the Milanese do, right?

I’ve talked about the fashion, now it’s time to talk about the beauty that was seen on Milan’s runways. Like the clothing, the beauty mirrored New York in that there were quite a few similar trends between the two world fashion capitals.


In addition to the five trends I’m about to go into much further detail with, the overall look that I noticed from the runway shows was a rather clean face–little to no makeup–which is like a breath of fresh air. Spring should be for taking if off, not layering it on (the makeup not the clothes).

Without further ado, here are the top beauty trends from Milan:

Rooting back to New York, orange was the lip color in Milan. Paired with a clean face (minimal foundation some mascara), this color packed a punch.

Ports 1961

Colorful Eye Makeup

Another trend that was seen in New York, colorful eye makeup graced the runways in Milan. However, in Milan it was more pastel colors rather than the super bright shades.

Giorgio Armani

Embellished Hair

My favorite example of this was Dolce & Gabbana’s spring show. The hair was incredible with the use of claws, clips, combs, and headbands all in glitzy jewels and metals to add some flair to their perfectly messy hair.

Dolce & Gabbana

Inky Eyeliner

While we saw a similar trend in London where designers went overboard with just how much eyeliner they could use, Milan toned it down, using simpler styles that by no means went unnoticed. It was just enough to add a tough girl grit to the models.




Two Textured Strands

While we’ve seen wet hair pop up in pretty much every city thus far, Milan took it a step further by wetting/gelling the roots while leaving the strands free to give some more texture to the hair than if it were just wet or dry.

Roberto Cavalli

As we are approaching October, fashion month is almost over. Last stop, Paris!

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