Real Talk: “Being Black Enough”

What does it mean to “act” your race? And where did this very demeaning concept come about? Living in a post-racial society, we often assume that  racial profiling not only among other races but also interracially is long gone, which isn’t the case.

Every Tuesday The Black African American Cultural Center takes an hour to converse on current social and political issues. Tuesday, September 17th we challenged the idea of “being black enough.” It was brought to my attention how easily preconceived notions come about simply from seeing the color of someone’s skin. Coming from a country that has done years and years of conditioning programming our minds to believe that one race is more superior than others, we must all work daily to break through these racial barriers.


Being at a Predominately White Institution, it can be very easy to assume that those who don’t look like us can’t relate to who we are as people- a far-fetched assumption. It is our responsibility to implement the change locally in order to seek results on a larger scale.  Simply opening up and educating those around you can bridge the gap for new connections and understanding. Our generation is truly accountable for building the future we want to see in spite of this country’s dark past.

Just some food for thought.  Try to keep this in mind when interacting with those around you.