Looking into Greek organizations with a deeper view

Looking into Greek organizations in a deeper view

Courtsey of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity
Courtsey of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity

The image of Greek life is mostly portrayed by people seeing letters on campus. They wear their Greek shirts and jackets all around campus to represent their organization. You see organizations putting in the work for community services, achieving the highest average GPA and having the biggest fundraisers. But why do organizations excel in specific areas more than others? It comes from the fraternal values each Greek organization has. As a member of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. I can tell you that our fraternal values are academics, brotherhood and culture. Just like us there are various organizations that have values that they give importance to. Even though it may not seem important for people outside Greek life but these are the core values the members of various organizations live for. So holding brotherhood as a core value for my fraternity is to never take away their letters no matter what and always help the brothers out because we would never let them fall. Even though Greek organizations throughout the year get involved in different leadership and volunteer activities, the fraternal values called the pillars will always be of utmost importance and the success will always be counted in a fraternity through reaching the highest achievement level in those core values.


You may ask why would anyone want an organization to choose your core values when you have the right to do so yourselves? But ask yourself honestly. Fraternal values like academics, pride, respect and more, guide you and have you set your own goals so you can achieve success for yourself, through the values that the organization you joined provided to you and will support and help you to achieve your goals and values.