Learning leadership from the best

Multicultural Greek Council had a retreat on Sunday, 22nd of September 2013, from 8:30 to 4:30 pm. The first half of it mainly focused on building fraternity and sorority values, the importance of academics and human behavior towards sexual assault. All MGC were required to attend the event and members of the Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. had their presence as well. We were interested in learning multiple skills and ways of development that MGC had to offer at this retreat.

The second half focused more on leadership. They had workshops related to building leadership qualities and values and others that focused on the importance of language and being leaders in everyday life.


They explained to us how at all times we are representing the Greek life by being a part of it and it is our responsibility to do whatever we have to, to protect its image. We need to portray our self as helpful professionals to improve and at times even build the image of the Greek life. They talked about multiple steps we could take to ensure that we are not harming the image of our fraternity and the Greek life. They laid most emphasis on watching our tone and language in public and using every chance to portray our values in a positive light.

Every single one of the organization within the MGC participated in this retreat which shows the importance of this retreat and the skills it had to offer. Every organization has its own such events too, to further emphasize on such leadership building events. The Greek life experience would be rather incomplete without such learning opportunities. So think again when you ask yourself if the Greek life is just for partying and having pride because there is a chance of learning professionalism, integrity and leadership skills in the Greek Life at CSU.