Ciao, Bella! | Milan Fashion Week Trends Spring 2014

Following London, is Milan in the fashion week lineup. Taking place in the most lavish city in all of Italy, Milan is home to some amazing Italian designers like Dolce & Gabbana (who had an amazing collection by the way), Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Missoni, Versace and many more.

I noticed that the trends coming out of Milan mirrored some of the ones that we saw in New York for the spring. There are shocking similarities in both the beauty and fashion trends. Nonetheless, here are the top  trends that were brought to us by Milan:


As we have seen previously in London and New York, Milan there were an influx of crop tops popping up in Milan, only with that chic Italian twist. These crops had embellishments sheer finishes or cut outs to convey the idea of a “crop top”‘ in a much less predictable way.


Dolce & Gabbana


Play It Again

Sportswear was HUGE on the runways of Milan this year, but like everything else Milan has to offer, there is a fresh Italian twist. The athletic wear that was featured had a sexier feel to it. Say goodbye to those ratty, worn out sweatpants.



Moves Like Middleton

There is no doubt that Kate Middleton served as the inspiration for designers in Milan for next season. There was a large lady like emphasis on legs, not showing skin, but rather through a subtle print on tights or fishnets for an edgier look.

Emporio Armani



Crop It Like It’s Hot

Similar to the culottes we saw in New York, the next big pants trend from Milan are cropped ankle pants, but instead of being tapered like they have been for the last few years, these pants are very wide legged. The vibe for this trend is relaxed and loose and can be worn in both the office and on the weekend.

Jil Sander


Got Graphic?

Similar to the branding and logo trend that we saw in New York, Milan came to us with big, graphic prints. They were either on a dress or a two piece look with the entire print on both pieces.



Blossoming Blooms

What’s spring without a floral trend? While London did this in a more 3D way, florals in Milan were all about showing femininity. It seemed like each designer had their own version that they showed on the runways.



Fairly Airy

Many designers chose to use organza in their collections to convey a floaty, lightweight look. The idea behind this look is effortless and easy. Not to mention that it’s also very feminine yet sexy.



Stay tuned for the top beauty looks from Milan!

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