Chabad Jewish Student Association welcomes Rosh Hashanah

Challah (Photo credit: Three Points Kitchen)

This week ushers in an important time for Jews.  These days are our last chance to reflect on the past year and look at what we need to work on for the next.

Tonight, September 4th , marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, which literally means ‘Head of the Year.’ It started the brand new year of 5774, which is 5,774 years after the world was created.


Rosh Hashanah is both a time to celebrate and reflect. Like all Jewish Holidays, the food we eat helps to symbolize what the holiday is all about. This holiday we eat apples dipped in honey, which represents the wish for a healthy, sweet New Year.

Another food we eat is challah, which is traditional bread we eat on Shabbos and most major holidays. It is usually braided bread that is dipped in salt.  However, for Rosh Hashanah, it is made round to represent the calendar and how it never ends, but has a new beginning.  The challah is also made sweeter than usual and instead of being dipped in salt it is dipped in honey much like the apples, also to wish us a sweet New Year.

This holiday is also a time to pray for a gratifying New Year, good health and good luck, for us and our family. Rosh Hashanah is an amazing time to spend with family and friends as we start this New Year.