Swansea Slideshow: “Brand Spanking Used” Thrift Store

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Located at 227 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colo., the “Brand Spanking Used” Thrift Store is situated in the heart of Fort Collins’ bustling Old Town district. In addition to being a successful business, the store also aids cancer survivors through its support for the Lubick Foundation’s “Ramstrength” programme. The programme has distributed over $100,000 dollars to the local community since 2008, of which 204 patients have received an average of $436.45 each. Out of the money raised, the programme also grants Colorado State University scholarships and sponsors child cancer sufferers to attend a local camp tailored to their needs. Founded in August 2009, the store’s business relies heavily on generous donations of a variety of different goods, from electronics to pet toys, by members of the local community.



Jack ‘Pinky’ Jenkins is a student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Swansea University in Wales, United Kingdom. He is currently completing a summer course in New Communication Technologies at CSU.