Lilly Pulitzer’s legacy lives on

She started with a juice stand, and ended with a fashion statement.

Today marks the death of Lilly Pulitzer, a fashion icon known for her vibrant designs since 1959.


At the age of 21, Pulitzer decided to escape city life and open a juice stand at Palm Beach. To hide juice stains on her dress, she designed colorfully printed dresses to wear to work.

Following the opening of her business, Pulitzer quickly sold more dresses than juice. Her unique designs became wildly popular among socialites and celebrities, including her former schoolmate, Jacqueline Kennedy.

To this day, Pulitzer’s prints remain in style. Inspired by beaches, museums, and gardens, her design team continuously offers fresh, colorful pieces for young girls, men, women, and even sororities.

Whether you’re interested in fashion design or not, I believe Lilly Pulitzer’s story can inspire many. The spontaneous decision to change her career path is reflected in her prints. The story of her success has inspired me to value the small moments and to never take opportunity for granted. With that being said, rest in peace, Lilly, and let the legacy live on.