Facebook Changes, Yet Again

facebook business
facebook business (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

As college students we all use Facebook. Some more than others, and some more than we should. But even a person underneath a rock knows what Facebook is and what it looks like.

So, with all the use that Facebook gets, why do they always think that they need to change it? According to YahooNews, Facebook is holding an event tonight in Menlo Park California to anounce changes to their newsfeed.


The “problem” with Facebook’s current newsfeed, is that users see the most commented/liked posts on their newsfeed. They have a algorithm that places popular and promoted items at the top of the newsfeed. The change, is hoping to take the items that are most revelent to you, and put those into your newsfeed as well. Another difference to implanment is the fact of sponsered links. These show up because the company pays for them to. So, a picture of your best friend winning a prized award with 16 likes can get passed up because Jimmy John’s has sponsered a link that 1,000 people have liked.

I can’t speak for everyone here, but last time Facebook made changes my newsfeed blew up with people complaining that they don’t want to change and other people with suggestions on how to avoid this change.

Facebook’s popularity has continued to grow, dispite concerns that Facebook may be the new MySpace – a quick dying fad. Their popularity has risen especially within handheld devices, including tablets and smartphones.

So how will this new adjustment affect the handheld industry?

I’m all for change, and excited to see that Facebook is still taking steps to better themselves and their users. I am happy using Facebook and want to see it thrive and continue to be a growing industry. But too many drastic changes may start to change my opinion of them.

For now, all I can say is, I will wait and see. I’ll reserve my judgement until I can actually see the changes that Facebook has to make.