Don’t judge Twitter’s video sharing app ‘Vine’ for its users’ porn addiction

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Image via CrunchBase

The new video sharing app ‘Vine’ has got the Internet all in a ‘Twitter.’

Introduced this past Thursday, Twitter has added their newest exception to the 140-character rule by allowing users to share 6-second videos with their followers.


Similar to the popular app SnapChat, Vine has already found itself dealing with the raunchy reality of  XXX virtual sharing, and not much can be done about it.

 (The Verge): Twitter is encouraging users to flag any inappropriate content. “Uploaded videos that are reported and determined to violate our guidelines will be removed from the site, and the user that posted the video may be terminated,” reads the Twitter statement.

These six-second films can include sound, but essentially they are looping GIFs. The GIF has become a popular way to share funny moving images, and that (of course) includes porn. Short, repeating flashes of people getting it on are not new– Vine has only supplied a much more public way for the these dirty little clips to be shared.

While some may be shocked, I’m sure others (like myself) are not. Give human beings a way to share and watch porn, and they shall.

The new app seems awesome, and it shouldn’t be judged by its user-uploaded content.