Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe plays Disco Halloween with the Funkytown Orchestra

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe took the Ogden Theatre back to Funkytown this past Halloween in Denver. Karl Denson brought along his band for his annual Halloween celebration as well as the Funkytown Orchestra to help set the mood and sound for the evening.


The acclaimed “father of mashups” DJ Z-Trip got the night started with a mix of everything from the Wu-Tang Clan to James Brown all funkafied with the DJ wizard’s own personal flavor.

After the warm-up from Z-Trip, it was time for the Funk flag to fly and Karl Denson, afro and all, took the stage along with his band. They got the night started with Barry White’s “Love Theme” and followed that up with a perfect rendition of “If I Can’t Have You”.

The group was then accompanied by singers Jennifer Hartsnick, Liza Oxnard and Devon Parker which added a little female vocal to the mix and they jumped right into Chic’s “Le Freak”.


The Funkafied extravaganza continued from there with other classics like “I’m Your Boogie Man”, “Do The Hustle”, “Boogie Fever” and more. The crowd was getting down and the afro’s were bouncing as Karl D’s Tiny Universe and the Funky Town Orchestra put the funk in everyones face.

It was truly a funk filled night with the help of Karl Denson and his musical time machine. The band briefly left the stage but returned for an encore along side DJ Z-Trip where they played a raging version of Heatwave’s “Boogie Nights”.

It was a disco-funk night for the ages as Karl Denson’s annual Colorado Halloween celebration was an absolute hit. It will be exciting to see what Karl will bring out for next years Halloween night and who he will choose to bring along.