Music Mix Introductory

Hey guys,

My name is David Dugan. I am a Junior Journalism and Technical Communications major at CSU and I am all about music. I play  in three local bands and try to catch as many shows as possible during the semester. This semester I thought it would be fun to write a blog about what’s going on in the music world. So this is how my format is going to work. Each week of the month will have a specified topic.


Week 1 = Upcoming musical shows in Northern Colorado (I will discuss all of the cool gigs that are going on around town that you won’t want to miss)

Week 2 =  New music releases (Any cool new music, released in that month, that I think you guys should check out)

Week 3 = Featured local artist (I will have an interview with a cool local band)

Week 4 = Random music blog (Anything random or exciting that is going on in the world of music)

Alright, so that is how this blog is going to run. I hope to hear from a lot of people this semester and feel free to send suggestions on local bands to feature in posts! Since the new Mumford and Sons record came out earlier this week I will leave you guys with an awesome video that they shot at our own Red Rocks Amphitheater earlier in August. Later.