“Hacking”? Not really


My ComputerIn a world where you can see computers left and right, the term “hacking” isn’t that far away.  But take it from someone who can live up to the term, this word is used far too loosely.  From the little kids, all the way up to the adults, “hacking” has become a Facebook joke.


Ponder this situation: One day you accidentally leave your Facebook open on a computer and what happens?  Suddenly your profile pics change, your likes change, and a ton of other stuff happens.  All this finishes off with a post on your timeline, probably from someone who thinks they are funny, saying: “HAHAHAHAHA you got hacked!”.

Where the Internet is stored

This, my dear friends, is NOT hacking! At no point during this whole ordeal did you have to phish, crack, or brute force a password.  Nor did you use any method of viruses, trojans or worms to get that login information.  All you did, was exploit some poor friend who was too stupid enough to log off of something containing “sensitive data”.

No, true hacking is something much more beautiful.  A hacker is able to do anything on a computer, regardless of if you are logged in or not.  A hacker is able to access anything they want because it was meant to be free in the first place.  A hacker is able to hack back into their wireless network because their friends changed the wireless key on you.

The gracefulness of what a computer can do and what we can do with it when connected to the net is truly amazing.  Most people misunderstand the motives of a hacker, few seldom do.  If the few have the skills and knowledge and determination to help out the many, then why should anyone stop them.  The hacker is what keeps the world of computers on track, without us, the network would become just as controlled as the people under a government.

Give us your computer, watch and see just what we can do.

“If you wanna know how not secure you are, just take a look around.  Nothing’s safe.  I don’t hate technology, I don’t hate hackers, because that’s just what comes with it, without those hackers we wouldn’t solve the problems we need to solve, especially security.” -Fred Durst