DIY Lyric Sign

Hi guys,

So for my next blog, I chose to do a lyric sign. For mine I chose the song “You are my Sunshine.” This project was much easier that it originally looks, with only 5 easy steps. Here’s how mine turned out…




Ready to start? Here’s what you will need:

  • Access to a printer
  • Canvas or board
  • Glue or ModPodge
  • Tape or Double-Sided Tape
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

1) Using my home printer, I printed off the sheet music for the song “You are my Sunshine.” Because I used a larger canvas, I had to print off 5 copies of the paper.

2) I lined up all the sheet music onto my canvas and glued it down, then trimmed the edges to fit the canvas.

3) Next, I printed off large letters that spelled out the phrase, “you are my sunshine.” I flipped through multiple fonts on my computer, so the font is totally up to you. Then I simply taped the letters onto the canvas, using double sided tape. Double sided is important here, because you will need to peel the letters off later.

This may look a little odd here, because the word “you” is much darker. After printing that one first I wanted to converse ink so the other words are in a littler color.


4) Next, I grabbed some yellow paint, laid down some newspaper in my garage, and started to paint all over the canvas.

5) I let the paint dry overnight, and in the morning I peeled off the taped on letters to reveal the final product!

The sheet music in the background shows through on the whole canvas, but is especially noticeable underneath the letters. Five easy steps, and you can do this with any quote from your favorite song.