Do you even know what a “political agenda” is?

The President of the United States makes a stop at CSU. With an approximate count of 13,000 attendees,

politics (Photo credit: Asoka G M)

I was surprised at the amount of students that could give an elephants  . . . butt.


Days before President Obama came, I heard and received responses like “I don’t believe in politics” and “I don’t have a political agenda.”  This is very disheartening, and frankly, very arrogant!

We, as Americans, have the opportunity to play a part in who is elected as government. Those of you who see this right as unimportant, you ought to educate yourselves.

We are young adults, it is about time we start caring about the future.  If you chose to continue to not care about politics, then you can’t complain when our elected government officials do something you don’t agree with.

I suggest you start to care!