Using technology in football

by: Khalid Al Lawati

Note: The following is part of a series of posts from students at Swansea University, located in Wales. The students have visiting Colorado State University and learning about America and its media.


SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND – MAY 10: EMPA officials (Swiss Federal Laboraties for Materials Science and Technology) fire a football at a wooden mannequin to test the Hawk-Eye Goal Line Technology system at St Mary’s Stadium on May 10, 2012 in Southampton, England. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

It is normal to use technology in most sports especially those related to calculate seconds like swimming, running, etc, but to use technology in football as FIFA want, in my opinion it means opening all the door to destroy the soul of the football competition.

I have just finished reading the comment of Mr. Sepp Blatter president of the International Football Association on BBC News about the approval of using goal-line technology in FIFA official football matches starting from next year. He said that “We could say it is a historic day for international football.” No Sir I dis-agree with you from two points of view; the first point is about giving the big companies and reach football association the power to control the game and increase the gap between clubs and teams globally. In Europe, North America and some reach countries, they can start this technology from this year, but what about most countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, we are talking here about the most popular sport all around the world. They have more things to concentrate than use technology in football, actually they play football because its simple and easy and need just a ball, not a PC.

The second point is the controversial issues that is going to appear each match, especially about the off-sides, penalties, wasting time, and the other lines of the pitch. Players will ask every time to use technology and watching TV cameras to make the final decision. It means there is no need for referees and computer can control the play. Also it means we are joining the era of digital football, so many thanks to the FIFA and Mr. Blatter, and since now, we are ready to take our play-station devices to the stadiums to control the play.