Back Off Pepe le Pew: Rabid Skunks Invade Fort Collins

By Ricky Webber and Lee Richards

Note: The following is part of a series of posts from students at Swansea University, located in Wales. The students have visiting Colorado State University and learning about America and its media.


pepe-le-pew (Photo credit: Lesmode)

Skunk skunk skunk skunk, and we aint talking about the type you smoke! Never mind the putrid stench of a skunk on the back foot, it’s the infectious bite that risks turning us all into human Cujo’s is what we should all be worried about.

Larimer County veterinary health folks have issued a warning to the public and agricultural types due to an influx of deranged and viscous Skunks infected with the deadly Rabies virus, intent on wreaking havoc on people and pets.  People have been advised to back off and not to attempt to pet the pongy pests. The majority of these crazy critters have been spotted in the Fort Collins area, which could also possibly lead to Greely losing its unofficial title as  the “smelliest city” city in Northern Colorado.

The viscous varmints have even brought down a bison (allegedly, will be confirmed after the trial) so be warned, their minuscule size means nothing to these little beasties. CSU has vaccinated the remainder of its herd as a precautionary measure against infection, and we advise that you follow suit, unless you fancy an “Old Yeller” moment with your beloved pet behind the barn.