Update: CSU on late start Jan. 20


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A student stands on the corner of Hughes Way and Meridian Ave. waiting for a ride Jan. 19. Many students transportation plans were uprooted when CSU made the call to cancel all classes immediately to protect students and staff from worsening weather conditions.

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Noelle Mason and Katrina Leibee

Update: 9:01 p.m. Jan. 19 — Colorado State University will be opening late Jan. 20 due to weather. All activities, classes, events and meetings, in-person or remote, before 10 a.m. are canceled. Anything after 10 a.m will remain on normal schedule.

Facilities will be sanding roads, parking lots and sidewalks overnight to make conditions safer to commute in the morning.


The Public Safety Team advises employees considered essential to work with their supervisors to determine when to report to work.

Update: 12:42 p.m. Jan. 19 — Colorado State University is closing at 3 p.m. today due to weather conditions. According to the University Public Safety Team, “classes that are not already in session are canceled immediately.”

Further, in-person, remote and hybrid classes, meetings, work and events are canceled.

The cancellation is to prevent students and staff from coming to campus due to the dangerous icy conditions. Temperatures will continue to drop as the day continues and into the evening.

Two students trek across the IM fields on their way home
Two students trek across the Colorado State University Intramural Fields Jan. 19. Classes were canceled just before 1 p.m., sending many students walking through campus battling the ice and snow. (Avery Coates | The Collegian)

Original story: 12:12 p.m. Jan. 19.

The City of Fort Collins has been placed under accident alert until 5 p.m. due to icy road conditions today, Wednesday, Dec. 19. Additionally, all Transfort Bus services are suspended until at least noon today, according to their website. 

Riders can check the status of City and campus buses using Transfort’s online bus tracker. According to the tracker, the Around the Horn bus service is also currently delayed. Updates on bus services can be found on the Transfort website or their Twitter page.

The City of Fort Collins also released a tweet stating, “Icy roads are creating dangerous driving conditions. Streets crews are working to de-ice the roads. Avoid travel if you can — if you must travel, reduce speeds and use serious caution.” They also tweeted that The Farm at Lee Martinez Park is closed and to use caution on local trails, bridges and underpasses due to the icy conditions. 

Light snow is expected throughout the day and temperatures are projected to remain below freezing, according to a forecast by The Weather Channel. Fort Collins residents can track the location of snow plows and road conditions using the City’s interactive map.





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