Strain Review: The Blues Brothers’ Solution — to a nice high


Collegian | Ava Kerzic

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

Before we dive into this week’s review, I have to get something off my chest: Last week’s review on LivWell Enlightened Health’s Artsy Berkel indica strain was slightly swayed. I mentioned how the flower was on the weaker side and nice for a relaxing evening. While I wasn’t wrong, the strain seems to be affected drastically by your situation. 

I first smoked Berkel one morning after a good night’s rest, which seemed to be why it didn’t hit too hard. However, I smoked it again after a night out in Old Town before brunch one morning, and I was quickly surprised at the effect smoking had on an empty stomach and a slight headache. 


That being said, take these reviews with a grain of salt because at the end of the day, everyone’s body is different. But with my experience and knowledge, I will always try to give you the best recommendations I can. That’s why for this week and moving forward, I’ll be trying each strain a few times so I can give you an accurate depiction of what to expect when smoking cannabis. 

This week, I decided to steer away from loose buds and snatched a classic pre-rolled joint. Acquiring already-packed joints is the most convenient way to buy weed, if you ask me. 

I made the choice to pick a company I was familiar with and knew had good cannabis. The Blues Brothers have made a spiritual connection to music, now tying it to the psychic joy of cannabis. 

“Unlike last week’s Berkel indica, this strain will put you to sleep, if you allow it.”

You can find Blues Brothers products at The Green Solution dispensary on North College Avenue. If you visit The Blues Brothers’ website, you’ll find they’re a brand from Belushi’s Farm, founded by Jim Belushi, brother of John Belushi, who is a Blues Brother himself (from the 1980 movie). On their website, you’ll also come to find you can’t buy the flower, as they distribute their products to Oregon, Oklahoma, Illinois, Massachusetts and our lovely Colorado dispensaries. 

However, every single time I have been to The Green Solution, they have a supply of Blues Brothers joints. Pre-rolls are actually all The Green Solution sells of Blues Brothers, but you can pick from three different indica strains and one sativa strain. 

The Solution is a gram pre-roll that totals 30.31% THC, which is one of the highest percentages I’ve seen and bought. Coming out at almost $10 pretax, the strength speaks for itself — regardless of if you’ve eaten a full dinner or are slightly hungover, this cannabis will get you high. 

Unlike last week’s Berkel indica, this strain will put you to sleep, if you allow it. It’s very much an eye-heavy high, drying out my eyes and getting me in the mood for some rest. This strain will have you grabbing the eye drops and also some water.

This indica was not as dry as last week’s strain, but it’s intensely potent and made me cough more than I was used to. But besides the dried out eyes and throat, the joint gave me what I wanted at that moment: a good high. 

The Solution’s strain was very flavorful as well, with a potpourri kind of taste — but in a good way. It’s definitely a stronger sophisticated taste that starts to spark your creativity trying to distinguish what it’s like. 

All in all, I’d pick this flower over last week’s, as it was not as dry, gave the high needed in any situation and isn’t too expensive for a nice taste. If you head to The Green Solution and look for a Blues Brothers product, any of their options are a good choice.     

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