Strain Review: LivWell’s Artsy Berkel: A simple bliss


Collegian | Charlie Cohen

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

A relaxing indica that doesn’t put you to bed right away is a tough thing to find. As I am an avid indica fan who struggles with the power of sativa strains, this week’s strain — the Artsy assorted prepacked indica-dominant Berkel from LivWell Enlightened Health — hit just the right spot. 

Artsy was an unfamiliar brand to me, but the Denver-based company strives to produce “the highest quality cannabis” while contributing to local organizations and promoting creative mindsets, according to their about page. Artsy’s growing process doesn’t include pesticides and practices “strict cleanliness protocols … and heavy pure-water flushes,” according to the product page. 


The Berkel indica strain, a “top-shelf flower with vivid ‘curb’ appeal,” was easy on the wallet at $15 plus tax for an eighth of an ounce, according to the product page. In spite of the price, as a frequent weed connoisseur, I was to some degree disappointed in the longevity of the high. While it could just be a high tolerance, this strain is sufficient for a quick, chill high.

Although the orange-tinted indica flower hangs at the higher end of potency at 22.1%, it created a gentle buzz across the body. If you’re looking for a comfortable wake-and-bake Sunday morning vibe, I’d highly recommend Berkel. 

While the high checks the boxes of a calm indica, I was warned by my LivWell budtender the flower itself may be slightly dry. He was right, but Berkel had a solid ratio between sticky and dry; however, it did tend to dry out faster than I was used to. Therefore, prepare to cough just a tad post-puff. 

“The indica-dominant strain has a nice balance between a dry and sticky consistency, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a hint of fruitiness on the exhale.” 

In Fort Collins there’s an assortment of options for where to get your weed fill, and while LivWell has been one of my most frequently visited dispensaries, I wouldn’t seek out this strain again. Berkel is for a casual, inconsistent smoker who needs a nice start to the day. If you’re looking for something more than that, I’d suggest a hybrid type around the same potency. 

LivWell has a small-to-average assortment of loose flower and holds options for indica, hybrid and sativa pursuers. However, if you want Artsy weed from LivWell, you’ll be limited to Berkel for now unless you head elsewhere. For myself, I have never bought loose flower at LivWell, as I normally go there for concentrates, but I wouldn’t put this natural high from Artsy too low in the ranks. 

Artsy itself seems to have an exceeding standard of their product, and Berkel is one of many, so I would be eager to try their higher-priced strains to examine their entire collection. 

The indica-dominant strain has a nice balance between a dry and sticky consistency, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a hint of fruitiness on the exhale. I’m always a fan of sweet-tasting THC that doesn’t stick under your nails. Nonetheless, I’d compare Berkel to one glass of wine to decompress from the day, not a shot of vodka on a Friday night. 

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