Moving Supply Store Company Announces Sustainable Moving Solutions

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Moving is a chore. Maybe THE chore we all detest the most, especially when it comes to packing. Packing boxes are expensive, wasteful, and unreliable. In addition, asking friends if they have any boxes rarely produces what you need. Are you looking for a better, cheaper, and eco-friendly alternative that not only protects your goods but also is hassle-free? Try renting plastic totes.


Rocky Mountain Box Company, a locally owned business serving Fort Collins, Denver, and Boulder, is an online store that provides environmentally friendly, sturdy, stackable containers suitable for packing and storing items for your dreaded next move. When you call or order online, the process is quick, often delivering you the boxes you need the same day. Then you pack up, move, and they come pick the boxes back up.

They are cheap too, with boxes starting at $1.29 per tote with a minimum of 10 ordered. Compare that with cardboard boxes at Home Depot. A similar size box is nearly $2 and it will most likely end up in the trash, not to mention how easily cardboard can get damaged – along with your goods.

Here is how it works:

  1. You call or go online and place your order, designate your drop off day and how long you need the rental period — they can help determine how many you will need.

  2. Rocky Mountain Box delivers the totes to you.

  3. You pack up, move to your new spot, and unpack.

  4. Rocky Mountain Box picks up the empty totes at your new apartment or house.

Yes! It is that easy!

If you need more supplies, they also have wheeled dollies for stacking and moving the totes, as well as dry erase labels on each tote. The totes are designed for easy gripping with built-in handles, have lock top lids, and feature grip bottoms.

So forget bugging your friends or the added trip and expense of buying flimsy cardboard boxes that only contribute to the landfill. Order eco-friendly totes instead.

Further details are available at

Contact Info:
Rocky Mountain Box Company


112 Harvard St., Fort Collins CO 80525

(970) 460-6112