How to Stay Safe after a Sexy Spring Break

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Hey Rams! We’re hoping that you had a wonderful spring break whether you went to the beach, the mountains, or stayed right here in Fort Collins. Either way, here’s hoping that the sunburns are minimal and that you were able to get some rest!

At Alpha Center, we recognize that you might have come back from Spring Break with a little more than you bargained for… whether you’ve experienced symptoms or not.


In 2017 (the most recent data available), the Colorado Department of Health reported 26,995 cases of Chlamydia, along with 8,478 cases of Gonorrhea, and 818 cases of syphilis. This was the highest number of reported cases on record and the numbers have continued to increase.

Chlamydia is the most frequently reported STD in the United States, with an estimated 1 in 20 sexually active young women testing positive for Chlamydia. (Even if you’re a guy, this affects you!) If you are sexually active, annual STD screening is incredibly important to your sexual health, especially if you are under the age of 25.

Both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia often do not present with symptoms, but if left untreated it can affect your future fertility and may increase your chances of giving or getting HIV. Because of this, the best way to make sure you’re a-ok is to get tested regularly for STDs, and the CDC currently recommends that sexually active individuals get tested once a year. Alpha Center offers free annual screening and treatment for the most common STDs, and we’re right across the street from campus on the corner of College and Pitkin, making it an easy walk or drive.

No matter your story, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or religion, we strive to provide excellent medical care. Request an appointment at or give us a call at 970-221-5121

Finally, always make sure to practice safe sex and use a condom. Your future self will thank you.


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