Strain Review: HRVST Tart Pops No. 4 — a citrus delight


Collegian | Charlie Cohen

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

Happy September, fellow stoners. Fall is just around the corner along with cold weather, and cold weather is stoner weather. Pull out the sweatshirts, sweatpants, beanies and everything comfy. 

While I anxiously wait for snowy nights, I decided to change it up this week. The last few weeks, I’ve tested out some casual flower, but I wanted to spice it up and hit a product with a more narrow selection. 


Concentrates are one of the purest forms of THC you can smoke, but because of the potency, I only suggest this method for experienced smokers. However, I will never suppress your urge to try something new. 

“The light yellow wax was one of the most tasteful shatters I’ve had; it was sweet and sour in a citrus kind of way.”

This week’s pick is from one of my top dispensaries since it’s just over a mile from my home. Verts Neighborhood Dispensary truly is neighborly. My budtender introduced me to the company HRVST, which is local to Idaho Springs, Colorado. HRVST’s specialty seems to be concentrates, which I couldn’t enjoy more.

For someone whose primary smoking method is a nectar collector with wax, the HRVST shatter Tart Pops No. 4 indica strain, which comes out at 78.39% total THC, was a top-level wax. The shatter itself melts down smoothly for a comfortable intake. 

The light yellow wax was one of the most tasteful shatters I’ve had; it was sweet and sour in a citrus kind of way. I was pleasantly shocked every time I took a hit and was given such a lemony taste. I bought a gram, which came out to about $20 plus tax. That kind of price for such a strong taste is a steal. 

But, like last week, I have another disclaimer as we progress through our cannabis journey together. Every week seems to be a new lesson, and this week I have yet again purchased a strain that was quick out the door. I went to visit the Verts website to search for the Tart Pops but was taken aback when I found nothing. 

When I called to see if the shatter was just an in-store purchase, a budtender informed me they no longer have this strain on their shelves. However, Verts currently offers three other extracts from HRVST, all testing around 70% THC. 

Although I just teased you about Tart Pops No. 4 being such a great wax, I can’t imagine the other options being drastically horrible. HRVST prides itself on a “commitment to quality (to ensure their) consumers receive a clean, high-terpene extract,” which suggests the majority of its products are a good choice. 

For those of you who come here to read about a strain you can actually get your hands on, I apologize. For those of you who smoke sativa, I also apologize for not branching out. I submit a professional promise to our loyal audience that next week’s strain review will be weed you can find and enjoy, and I will cave and give sativa another chance. However, I highly recommend HRVST products, as they are high quality for a lower price.

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