Lyric Cinema Cafe screening of ‘Kedi’ to benefit Larimer County Humane Society

Ashley Potts

Cat-lovers came out for a night at the movies to help support the Larimer County Humane Society. The Lyric partnered with the Humane Society on April 7 for the showing of the 2016 documentary “Kedi.” All proceeds benefited the humane society.

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Caring for animals is often a way that humans heal their own ailments. That sentiment is at this heart film. The documentary follows the lives of a few of the thousands of alley cats roaming the streets of Istanbul. Each has a unique personality, and each of the humans who have taken them into their lives has a unique story of how the cats have affected them. It’s full of humanity, kindness and of course lots of cute cats.


“Kedi” also introduces the ever present issue of Istanbul’s growing urban landscape. The restaurants and homes shown in the film are in danger of being torn down to further urbanize. This means that both the people and the cats will have to relocate. The people in the film seemed more worried about the cats than themselves.

Many of the Istanbul locals believe that the life these cats live is very important. They have their animal instincts fully intact, allowing their personalities to flourish. The cats livelihood provides inspiration for the people of the city. From artists who draw and paint the cats to people struggling with depression who help themselves by helping the cats.

The movie made even dog people feel something for the cats. The cinematography showed life from the cats perspective much of the time, putting the viewer on their level and tugging on heartstrings. Even the most devout dog person left wanting to help cats in need.

The Lyric Cinema Cafe and the Larimer County Humane Society are both in the process of transitioning homes and hoped to support each other during this time. The relationship between the two businesses mirrored that of the relationship between the people and cat in the movie.

The humane society will move into its new location in September, which will have expanded options for housing cats including cat suites and rooms with access to the outdoors called “catios.”

“Kedi” will be showing again Wednesday, April 12 at 5 p.m. and 6:45 p.m.

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