Living the Alternative: ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ is worth the watch

Taylor Felver

Slowly but surely, the new Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why is taking its viewers and the internet by storm. For those who have not heard about it, Thirteen Reasons Why is about a high school girl who commits suicide and then leaves 13 tapes for each person who had a part in her decision.

I originally read the book written by Jay Asher when it first came out in 2007 and I distinctly remember being taken back at such a traumatic and detailed account of this character’s life. However, I think it makes a strong statement in regards to suicide as well as other big topics like rape and sexual assault and bullying. Interpret it as you will, but Thirteen Reasons Why is an important book because of the things it says that might often make other people uncomfortable and shy away from certain graphic details or the truth of what this girl was going through.


I just finished watching the Netflix TV show produced by Selena Gomez and starring Katherine Langford as Hannah and Dylan Minnette as Clay and honestly even though it was at times hard to watch, I felt like that was the point. It is not supposed to be easy to watch unfold as this is still a tragedy. Watching someone (even if only on television) be bullied or assaulted or traumatized is no relaxed matter and should be taken seriously. However, I think in this interpretation of the novel the producers and director did a good job in establishing an overall point just as the book did.

Any social media platform you visit that you search this show in will ultimately result in a massive chain and cluster of various peoples’ opinions on the show verse the book. Do not let any of them persuade you one way or another and make your own conclusions after you have watched it or read the book.

The show is also being rumored to maybe continue on to a second season and while I hope it does, I can certainly understand why some people are upset or annoyed as there was only one book. However, I think there are too many open ends for the show to stop at one season and although there were obvious differences in the book and show it just gives it more reason to continue.

Now, I will not spill the beans on what the specific details of the novel or the show, because I firmly believe every person should go watch it and decipher for themselves what the big picture is, but this show is definitely worth the watch.

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