Living the Alternative: ‘Girls’ wraps up last season, leaves audience unsatisfied

Taylor Felver

Well it’s the end of yet another season and you know what that means, so commence the long wait before finding another show to binge on. Girls wrapped up their final episode of their final season on April 16th and let me just say not only was it an interesting way to finish the series, but why did it have to end like that?

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons

Watching the final episode felt like Hannah Horvath, the main character played by Lena Dunham, ended up pregnant, was a single mother to the child and struggled and then the episode ended. Even if someone had not watched a single other episode in all six seasons it felt like the finale was its own story. Not to mention it only had about three characters that were relevant in the rest of the series also. My first thoughts as the credits rolled left me with a feeling that can be described like “what? It’s over? That was it, that was all there is to all those unfinished character plots?”


I understand now that perhaps how the show ended was just like how it began: messy and self-absorbed. Each one of the girls had their own complex story line in which they battled the so-called “realities” of growing up. Yet, did any of them actually grow up?

Hannah may have moved away and Marnie later joining her and with the caring of her child, but it is clear that by the end of this episode they are no means grown up. I do not think they might ever truly grow up, but with the arrival of Hannah’s child it will definitely change her.

While this may not have been how I, or many of the show’s audience members may not have imagined this, it kind of makes sense. In fact, it was almost somber. Although, what makes Girls such a good show is the fact that even in all its weirdness, it still can be somewhat relatable in a certain sense.

I’m sad to see this show go as it really has got an appeal and unique charm to it, but I’m not sure I am content with the last episode. Regardless, it’s time to say goodbye to yet another show.