CSU alum stars in independent film ‘Ice the Movie’ to be released next year

Emma Turner

A Colorado State University alum will be starring in a new independent film called “Ice the Movie.”

Michael Monks, a graduate from the CSU class of 1980, was cast for Maddison Bullock’s film about two young women who have a passion for ice-skating.


After graduating from CSU with a degree in industrial construction management, Monks moved to New York City to pursue his interest in theater. Monks has lived in Los Angeles for 27 years and is now a full-time actor.

CSU graduate Michael Monks stars in the new independent film “Ice the Movie.”

Though he has over 100 acting credits, Monks said smaller independent films like “Ice the Movie” remain close to his heart.

“I always like working on those,” Monks said. “It’s a smaller cast and crew, and it always feels like a family. Everybody is there because they love making movies.”

Bullock said the idea for “Ice the Movie” was one she had been planning for a while. After finishing the final draft of the script last May, her next step was finding a director. According to Bullock, it was important that she found someone who could “pull the words off the page.” She chose Peter Paul Basler due to his background with ice hockey.

When it came time to cast roles, Basler contacted Monks about playing the character Gavin Veerak, a Russian skating coach. After accepting the role, Monks had to work on learning to produce a Russian accent. Monks said he studied YouTube videos and linguistics CDs.

“It was a challenge, but it was interesting,” Monks said.

The movie crew spent just over two weeks filming in Winter Park, Colorado, and finished in Kearny, Nebraska.

“Ice the Movie” was filmed in Winter Park, Colorado, and Kearny, Nebraska. (Photo courtesy of Madison Bullock)

Bullock said her own experience with the sport inspired her to create the movie, and she hopes others also feel inspired.

“I hope that it makes them want to get up and try skating,” Bullock said.

She describes the film as “a very strong female-driven piece.”


Monks said that “Ice the Movie” delivers an important message.

“It’s a really great story about people pursuing their dreams and their passions despite the obstacles that stand in their way,” Monks said. “There are always things that stand in their way. This is a universal movie that will connect with anyone who watches it.”

“Ice the Movie” is expected to be released next year. (Photo courtesy of Madison Bullock)


“Ice the Movie” is expected to release next winter for digital download. A teaser trailer for the film was released earlier this week.

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