Second Annual Campus Film Symposium to showcase local filmmaking

Matthew Smith

It is official: the date is set for the Second Annual Campus Film Symposium. The Film Production Society is collecting entries for their next installment of Colorado State University’s very own little film festival. The free mini-festival will be held on April, 28 at 6 p.m. in a location yet to be determined.

This is the second event of its kind organized by the Film Production Society. Campus filmmakers of all genres are welcome to submit their work to be screened in a theater environment and judged against a panel of CSU staff and industry professionals.


Last year’s top picks included “Super Gangsters” by GBJ Studios, “Mr. Dirty” by Ramlife Entertainment Crew and a portion of Dylan Drendel’s documentary master’s thesis “Let’s Talk About Education.”

super gangsters 2.png
A scene from “Super Gangsters” by GBJ Studios,  won second place at the first Campus Film Symposium (Photo Courtesy of GBJ Studios)


A collection of films produced by Starwatcher Studios, the FPS’s own creative group, will headline the symposium.

Compared to last year’s event, the symposium is expected to have a larger audience, more entrants and a larger panel of judges.

Two entries have already been confirmed. One is by an individual in partnership with off-campus members, and the other is produced by an independent film studio that happens to have a CSU student as a member.

When it comes to submissions, FPS President Jacob Berg said he wants the symposium to be readily accessible.

“We do our best to avoid any genre or thematic requirements so that we get as broad a range of entries as possible,” Berg said. “So it really could be anything goes.”

Super Gangsters.png
A scene from “Super Gangsters” by GBJ Studios, won second place at the first Campus Film Symposium. (Photo Courtesy of GBJ Studios)


However, being a top placing filmmaker means more than the title.

“Last year the awards for those (top finishers) were custom movie posters,” Berg said. “This year, we’re hoping to include a RamCash award to go along with that for the winners.”


The deadline for entrants is April, 7 at 11:59 p.m., and the night’s program is far from filled. As long as an entry follows the generalized content guidelines set forth by the University, the film will likely show, according to Berg.

There is also the opportunity for audience participation. Along with the top three judges picks, there will be an audience pick, or as Starwatcher Studios’ Executive Producer Allyson Fyfe called it, the People’s Choice Award.

Fyfe has worked on many of the studio’s productions. For her, one of the group’s biggest draws is the experience it provides.

“It’s very helpful considering that we don’t really have a specific strand for editing or film (at CSU),” Fyfe said.

Alex Frickenstein, Starwatcher Studios’ Lead Choreographer, has also benefited from the society.

“Being an engineering student, a lot of what I have to deal with is technical studies, so getting the chance to work a little more with this artistic area has been nice,” Frickenstein said. “As a movie lover, it’s also nice to get behind the scenes to see how the process goes.”

To get the location when it is announced along with other Film Symposium news, go to Starwatcher Studio’s Facebook page.