What you need to know about the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival episodes

Ashley Potts

The day after Thanksgiving brought more than Black Friday deals this year. Fans of “Gilmore Girls” had been awaiting Nov. 25 and the release of the shows revival “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” for months. The revival came in the form of four 90-minute episodes, one for each season.

SPOILER ALERT. It picks up in Stars Hollow in the winter, seemingly right where it left off, with Rory and Lorelai walking through the streets with their coffee cups from Luke’s in tow. Everyone is talking about how successful Rory has been post Yale, Luke even prints her article from “The New Yorker” on the back of all his menus to brag. Lorelai is busy with the Inn and bantering with Michel, still dating Luke, and everything seems fairly normal. For a minute.


Lorelai and Luke talk about having a kid of their own, and end up looking into a surrogate. We also learn that Michel is, indeed, gay and considering adopting children with his partner, despite his usually dismal attitude toward life.

Unfortunately, Grandpa Richard has passed away, as actor Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014. This leaves Emily feeling rather lost and alone for the first time in 50 years.

Rory goes back and forth to London for her project writing a book. This reveals the first of Rory’s ex-boyfriends, Logan. Rory stays with Logan when she is in London, but they are not in a relationship.

“We have an agreement. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Rory says.

Spring brings Rory more of a career lull. She is trying to get a meeting with Conde Nast while a Buzzfeed style website tries to convince her to work for them, but she wants to stay in serious journalism. She struggles with the woman she is writing a book about and it is revealed that Logan is in a relationship with someone else.

Summer brings the most unrest in Rory’s relationship and her career. Logan is engaged to his other girlfriend and Rory has moved back to Star’s Hollow.

Finally, we see Jess again. He suggests that Rory write a book about her and her mother and their slightly strange relationship. It finally feels right, but it can never be that easy in this show. Rory tells Lorelai and it turns into a fight.

Fall is where things start to get real. Lorelai decides she wants to “do wild” and hike the Pacific Crest Trail. But in typical Lorelai fashion, she does not ever actually make it to the trail. She spends a few nights in a motel struggling with her enormous hiking backpack before going for a walk behind a closed diner. Close enough.

She still has the revelation she needed though. She quickly calls her mom to tell the sweet story about her departed father that manages to settle the fight between them for once. Then she heads home, leaving all that ridiculously expensive hiking gear on the side of the road.

She runs home and professes her love for her boyfriend of ten or more years and they decide to (finally!) get married.


Rory also runs into Dean and gets some final closure. Thankfully he has his hands full with three kids and a pregnant wife, so that door is closed. Dean was the worst.

Lorelai gives Rory her permission to write the book about their lives, telling her to call it “Gilmore Girls,” and everything seems to be falling into place with every character we hoped for made their reappearance and there has been closure on almost every storyline. That is until the last line.

“Mom, I’m pregnant,” Rory says.

Rory is left with what is almost certainly Logan’s baby. She has her own version of her own father Christopher in Logan. The perfect on paper guy who leaves her, pregnant, to go better himself. She also might have her own version of Luke in Jess. He seemed to still be pining for her. Maybe that could work out, if they were not cousins by marriage now. This leaves her to likely follow in her mother’s footsteps and raise the baby on her own, adding to the Gilmore clan of women (hopefully). If this is where it ends, we can all find a little something good in knowing a Gilmore can raise a baby perfectly well without the help of a father. But we will still keep our eyes and ears peeled for any news about more episodes.