How real girls watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Everyone watches the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.” You’re lying if you say you have never seen it. It’s like watching a perfect little world made up of pink and feathers, and you just can’t look away. But, why exactly do we all watch it? Everyone gets something a different out of it. Some are making fun of it with friends. Others are looking for some new lingerie. Most people are watching for the performers, and even more viewers are tuning in because it’s on TV and everyone and their mother won’t stop talking about it. Whatever the reason is, we’re hooked.

On the night of the show, you can bet that we’re all tuned in, and many of us are having our own little viewing parties with friends. You can’t open your Snapchat without getting hit by an array of Victoria’s Secret stories. A lot of us just watch it because we’re amused by it. Whether what we say is about how amazing the model looks or how difficult it looks to get into that contraption itself, we all have something to say when watching it


The most common hangout and viewing party involves getting together with friends, ordering pizza and get smashed watching the show because hey, why not? It makes Monday night a little more fun, and it provides a lot of laughs.

A lot of people even come up with their own drinking game when watching the show. For example, take a drink every time a model blows a kiss; take a shot every time the interaction between the model and performer looks too staged, uncomfortable and awkward to handle; take a drink when the model looks so amazing you just can’t even; and down the bottle when you see Kendall Jenner on stage because that’s the only way to handle the Kardashians.

It’s a social affair when watching it. You talk through basically the whole show, eat, drink and sing along obnoxiously with the performers. Plain and simple, it’s fun.

Another way we girls like to watch the show is to go all out. We’ve all seen some good friends of ours or some Instagram goddesses that we follow have their own little Victoria’s Secret viewing party that takes it to the top. They wear silks robes and heels, drink champagne and then post the fabulous pictures to prove it. They order in Chinese or have sushi or some other fancy food that seems to be too perfect for the occasion. These are the girls that look at this night like it’s a national holiday. They are inspired by the show and feed off of the confidence that the models exude.

Whichever or whatever way you watch it, you still watch it. It is actually kind nice though to think about how we are all watching together. No matter how different we all actually are and no matter why we’re watching it, we’re all still tuning into the same thing at the same time.VI