Five classic Christmas movies to make you feel better after finals

Ashley Potts

College students know better than anyone that the most wonderful time of the year definitely does not start until finals week is over. All the holiday cheer has to wait. In the midst of all the stress, it may not seem like there is time for movies or festivities. On the off chance a break comes along, or you are one of the lucky ones who ends up with no tests after Tuesday, here are five Christmas movies to watch that are guaranteed to make you feel better:

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”


This movie is the ultimate feel-good Christmas movie. The Griswold family has more Christmas spirit than anyone you know, but they just do not have the best luck. Their tree is beautiful, but it is too big and might have squirrels still living in it. Their decorations are to die for, but only if the power is turned on. Their family dinner is festive, but their turkey is a little dry. This movie is relatable if your family holidays drive you a little crazy and is sure to offer plenty of comic relief after a hard week.


This is one of the best Christmas movies ever. Will Ferrell is hilarious but manages to be kid friendly at the same time. It has the classic Christmas feeling, with elves and Santa and caroling, but it manages to throw in some funny one liners and plenty of awkward situations and quirky characters, so it does not feel too childish. It is definitely one to watch to lighten your mood after a semester of stress

“Home Alone”

This is a classic to watch if family holidays stress you out. Kevin gets left behind while his family goes on vacation and spends Christmas alone. A couple really awful bad guys come around and try to do Christmas on another family’s dollar, but Kevin is way too clever to let that happen. This will provide some good laughs and make you appreciate your family at the end. You can also watch “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” because who does not love New York at Christmas time? Ya filthy animal.

Dr. Suess’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

While the animated version is a classic and absolutely worth the watch, I am talking about the live action Jim Carrey version. Carrey’s Grinch really hits home on the feelings we all feel after finals. We just want to wallow in self pity and be left alone. The Grinch knows. This version also gives a deeper back story on the characters, more to laugh at and more of a Christmas feeling at the end.

“Love Actually”

This is a great sappy movie to watch if you just want to cry a little bit after finals. It is full of Christmas music, cute British actors and love stories that make you cringe a little bit. But you are still totally jealous of how cute everything manages to be. It is the perfect mix of Christmas movie and romantic comedy. Great for those who just need to feel all the emotions left over from studying and let them out.