The Lincoln Center brings Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to life with a glamorous play

Taylor Felver

A classic tale of finding beauty and love, the hit Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” made its debut at The Lincoln Center Friday lasting through Sunday. While most little kids grow up watching this Disney classic, few get to see it play out in front of them and The Lincoln center put on an entertaining show for people of all ages. What makes Disney classics are the deluxe tales surrounding ideals like love, courage and various definitions of beauty that are usually played out in song. The movie version of “Beauty and the Beast” does not lack musicality and the play of course, is no different.

The play opens on the explanation of how the beast became that creature and pink and purple lights danced on stage while smoke seeped into the crowd. When Belle first appears on stage, the first thing I noticed was how delicate and ornate the costumes were. From Belle’s blue and white aproned dress to Gaston’s red vest and hunting boots, the outfits were exact to the movie and were beautiful. Deanna Gillan, who played Belle, did a fantastic job with acting. Her singing was phenomenal and reached to the back rows of the auditorium easily. One of the best costumes on the set was the beast’s, played by CSU alumni Anthony Weber. Every time the actor spoke, a growling-like echo would also sound making it more realistic.


Besides the iconic yellow dress Belle wears at the end of the show, some of the supporting characters had elaborately made costumes as well. In the movie, characters like the candelabra and the clock are animated and obviously in the play version there are actual people, making it tougher to display. I was impressed with their costumes being exactly like those in the movie with candlestick arms and a complicated tea pot getup that floated around the stage. And of course as per expectation, Belle’s yellow tulle gown in that classic scene between her and the beast with the beautiful rendition of the song “Beauty and the Beast” made every girl in the auditorium sigh in awe.

The play itself was elaborate and rich in voice and the choreography was really what made the show particularly fun to watch. Dance numbers such as the one for “Be Our Guest” were complex and colorful, making it hard to focus on one character. Knives, forks, spoons, condiments and characters flooded the stage in gold and silver costumes dancing in a precise and engaging way that continued throughout the whole show, not to mention the voice accomplishments the whole cast produced. From solo ballads to mesmerizing chorus lines, the cast did a fabulous job of being in tune and on time with each other while also being able to keep up with the choreography.

Act two was my favorite because of the costume changes and the dance numbers along with the beautiful ending like that of the movie with the beast transforming into Belle’s prince. The songs, the costumes, the acting and the dancing is what makes this play a must see for those who are fans of this Disney classic or people who simply want to be entertained by a dazzling theatrical number.