‘South Park’ airs episode set in Fort Collins

Taylor Felver

It was a usual Wednesday night for any lover of the show “South Park” and for Fort Collins residents, a special treat. Colorado locations such as Greeley, Boulder and Casa Bonita have all been covered on the show. While viewers are used to plenty of Colorado-themed jokes and references, they do not often get to see Fort Collins featured.

South Park has a knack for being realistic even in a satirical way, so it is no surprise that the initial image of Fort Collins that was displayed on the screen was notably impressive with its exact features like the “A” and the First National Bank building. The town landmarks that make the city recognizable to its natives and students were included and the air balloon made Fort Collins look peaceful.


This week’s episode revolved around internet trolls and internet trolling, something everyone has encountered at one point or been a part of. With the Danish at Trolltrace.com looking to specify where trolling is happening, what better place to have a hacking scheme occur than a moderately small, Northern Colorado town like Fort Collins. So as the plot line for this episode is developed it is inevitable that eventually Gerald Broflovski aka internet troll “skankhunt42” and this season’s main antagonist will be caught.

This episode’s jokes seem like they are only created to fit the story the creators are threading together, the episode seemed lacking compared to creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s usual comments on current news antics. Obviously people who are watching only for the Fort Collins shout out will be disappointed as it lasts for maybe four or five minutes, if all the clips or the word “Fort Collins” are mashed together.

However, that may be nothing new for the season that many are calling kind of dull in comparison to other seasons. Although South Park is known for its jokes and raunchiness with big issues like LGBTQIA and the current election, this season so far has not lived up to these standards.

And for those who are solely watching this episode for the Fort Collins bits, even that is disappointing. As previously mentioned, South Park has always been known to make passes at well-known topics or make Coloradoans laugh by calling Boulder residents “hippies.” With CSU being the rival school to where the creators of the show graduated,viewers expected at least an insult or something that they could at least laugh at. Props for getting the setting so accurate, including the guy with the dragon shirt representing Horse& Dragon Brewery, but it was shocking that the episode did not get more of a stereotype or controversial role at least in this episode.

Putting that aside, one good thing in this episode was that the plot line with Cartman made it exciting for viewers planning to watch the next episodes to come. The finale of this season is sure to be something worth looking forward to. Obviously it is easy to see where the creators were going with the hacking plot, because essentially if Fort Collins were to be hacked today, it shows that everyone has at one time at least done something on the internet to make you look like a jerk.

Overall, this episode was not bad depending on what you are watching for. Those who love South Park and chose to watch Wednesday night’s episode solely because of the fact that they love South Park will not be disappointed as it just expands the storyline. But for those just tuning in for the Fort Collins shout out, on the other hand, might be a little bummed.