Album Review: The Seers

Dominic Fante

“Signals” by The Seers   3.5 stars

Brian Collins and Sean Waters, The Seers, incorporate genre-bending layers of instrumentation into each track, sounding as though an entire ensemble is involved in the making. Their expansive repertoire affords them plenty of attention in Colorado’s vast indie scene. The blanket term “indie” seems to be the easiest descriptor for their music, but it just doesn’t do the music justice. Their seventh release, “Signals EP,” is as hard to categorize as the pair itself.


the seers 1
(Photos taken from The Seers Facebook                                          page.)

“Got Me,” easily the catchiest song on the album, continues the relaxed, dreamy feel with softer vocals and a simpler rhythm section. The verse’s beat-boxing and occasional keyboard shimmers mix together magnificently with the choral vocal harmonies and catchy guitar rhythm.

The shortest and arguably most dull song on the album, “Exposed,” is a mixed bag. Though distinctive, its few dynamic/rhythmic changes and fairly unengaging lyrics underwhelmed my expectations and left me wanting more, given the rest of the album’s compelling nature.

seers 2

The strongest attribute of this EP is how smoothly the duo transitions between atmospheres that don’t conventionally belong together. By tastefully incorporating elements of psychedelia and blues to an “indie” folk-rock album, it can be calm enough to be soothing background music or intense enough to be absorbing. As long as they keep innovating their lyrical content and song structure, The Seers will certainly remain a staple of the Fort Collins music scene for years to come. You can catch them next at La Luz Saturday, April 23 for FoCoMX.

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