Trans-affirming hypnotist Aza Rose performs at the Art Lab


Collegian | River Kinnaird

Aza Rose shows off her talents during her show of hypnosis at the Art Lab Fort Collins Feb. 17. “I want to prove to people that hypnosis is real,” Rose said. “I want to make the process of transitioning easier for people.”

Sophia Masia, Staff Reporter

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On Feb. 17 comedy and hypnosis collided at Aza Rose’s Valentine’s Day performance at the Art Lab Fort Collins.


“It was sweet, it was funny (and) I had a great time,” audience member Kim Hughes said

Rose is a trans-affirming hypnotherapist as well as a stage hypnotist who has been practicing for three years. Trans-affirming hypnotherapy is designed to help transgender people struggling with body dysphoria or pain surrounding gender identity

The individual hypnotherapy I do is specifically for trans affirmation,” Rose said. “I actually started by doing self-hypnosis to help me get through my own transition, and when I am not performing on stage, I am helping trans folks reshape their memories, stand up when they get misgendered and remove all pain from their dead name.”

Stage hypnosis shows, however, are different because they include improv comedy and hypnosis for entertainment purposes rather than therapy

Many people think hypnosis is being put into a trance where you give up all control, but Rose said this is a common misconception.

Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened focus, suggestibility and relaxation,” Rose said.

“Even in a state of heightened suggestibility, you are always in control the entire time, (and) you are not asleep either,” Rose said. “Hypnosis is a completely conscious state where you are always fully awake and aware.” 

Rose even said that to get ready for a show such as this, she will hypnotize herself to get in the zone. 

Her Valentine’s Day-themed show, titled “Hungry Hearts Charmed Minds,” was like nothing else, and volunteers were taken from the audience and hypnotized in front of the crowd. 


After relaxing the volunteers into their hypnotized state, Rose had them cluck like chickens and participate in her humorous performance.

“I’m really not much into this stuff usually, but I thought it was very cute,” Hughes said. 

Although her shows are lighthearted, witty and, as she put it, “goofy,” Rose is seeking to change the negative rap hypnosis gets.

Hypnosis has helped me heal physically, mentally and emotionally,” Rose said. Being a trans woman, trans-affirming hypnotherapy is close to her heart.

I do still see a couple of clients for nontrans things like quitting smoking or getting in healthier habits, but that’s not where my passion lies,” Rose said.

Moving forward, she wants to turn her attention more toward hypnotherapy than stage performances to help others begin their healing journey

“I am changing the narrative of hypnosis by doing exclusively healing shows going forward, so if anybody out there has even the slightest thought that this is the only thing that can help, they should check out my next shows,” Rose said. 

Rose is local to Fort Collins if you are interested in her performances or one-on-one hypnotherapy. To stay updated on Aza Rose, you can check out her website or social media

“I hope to bring that same healing to every single audience member who comes to my show,” Rose said. “I just hope if there is that little bit of hope, then readers will take the step to actually show up for themselves to start the healing process.” 

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