5 FoCoMX artists to add to your playlists this summer


Maddy Erskine, Arts and Culture Editor

Colorado will never have a shortage of good local music, and the Fort Collins Music eXperiment is a prime example of what this state has to offer. FoCoMX is a two-day music festival in Fort Collins that features more than 300 local artists at 30 different venues. 

Whether you had the chance to attend the festival or not, it’s worth your time to check out some of these local bands’ tunes. Here are some songs by local artists you’ll want to know. 


1. ‘Alley’s on Fire‘ by Bevin Luna

Based right here in Fort Collins, Bevin Luna’s music is a grunge-covered, blues-inspired, rock ‘n’ roll wall of sound. “Alley’s on Fire” is a great example of this genre fusion that still stays true to the feel of classic rock. With heavy punchy drums, epic guitar lines and soaring vocals, Bevin Luna is not a band you want to miss. 

2. ‘Rat Jam‘ by Funscreen

True to their name, Funscreen makes music that I feel matches the vibe of a happy movie scene full of bright colors and adventures. In songs like “Rat Jam,” Funscreen makes complicated riffs and melodies sound effortless and simple. 

Lyrically, Funscreen creates sometimes comical stories like none other, such as “Rat Jam.” You likely guessed it — this song is about rats having a good ol’ time sneaking around doing their rat things. And as a cherry on top, the members often dress up as wizards and knights for their gigs.

3. ‘Roots and Wings‘ by Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez, currently located in Longmont, Colorado, is a hidden gem in Colorado folk. His music is both emotional and uplifting, smothered in beautiful acoustic tones. “Roots and Wings” is a song about getting your roots and learning from your family, a simple concept made captivating with warm and comforting instrumentals. 

4. ‘Barely Even Real‘ by Pink Fuzz

Pink Fuzz is a Denver rock trio made up of Forrest Raup and siblings Lulu and John Demitro. Don’t let the size of the band fool you; Pink Fuzz produces an unbreakable wall of grungy, high speed, psychedelic sound. 

“Barely Even Real” goes both super hard and super soft, giving you a minute to feel very sad before jumping back into the pit. If you didn’t get the chance to mosh to Pink Fuzz at the Aggie Theatre this past weekend, they are playing at Hi-Dive in Denver May 21. 

5. ‘Sunday Dreamin’‘ by Frail Talk 

Frail Talk is an indie-folk band from Northern Colorado that creates music perfect for sunny days and daydreaming. I am a sucker for some good trumpet, and “Sunday Dreamin’” has just that. Aptly named, this song transports you straight to a relaxing Sunday morning, sipping coffee on your porch and watching people pass by.

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