Fresh local music to welcome the spring semester


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Maddy Erskine, Arts and Culture Editor

It’s a new year and a fresh semester, meaning it’s time to enjoy some new local music. Lucky for Northern Colorado, there is never a shortage of local music to listen to. Here are some songs that have come out recently to help celebrate 2022 while supporting musicians in our community.  

“Bubble” by Co-Stanza

Released Jan. 9, “Bubble” by Co-Stanza is an indie-pop song that is sure to get you dancing. True to the title, the song is bubbly and upbeat with catchy lyrics. The attention to detail in this song makes it stand out, with bubble sound effects, layered vocals and instrumentation that rises and falls throughout to help tell the story. 


“Reverse Office Space” by Creighton Evans

Beginning with a quote from the 1999 movie “Office Space,” “Reverse Office Space” is a relatable punk song with distorted guitar that is sure to scratch your brain in the right way and drums that will have you head-banging in no time. The mixing and mastering of this song makes it feel like you are listening to a demo of your friend’s punk band, but the best punk rock is never completely professional.

“MELATONIN GUMMIES” by forrest nelson, Yuugen Vinny 

Released this past Christmas, “MELATONIN GUMMIES” is a hyper-pop song that many college students will relate to. It is the perfect song for insomniacs who want something to dance to as they wait for their melatonin gummy to hit. 

“Baphomet” by Los Toms

It’s not often that I will willingly listen to a song that is over 11 minutes long; however, “Baphomet” by Los Toms is worth the time. Released April 19, 2021, and on their latest album, “Totem,” this psychedelic-rock song is almost hypnotizing. With lyrics that will make you think and enough changes to keep you intrigued, time will vanish as you listen to this song. 

“Denny’s Parking Lot” by Evil People in General 

This is a perfect song to which you can scream away your worries. Released this past Christmas on Evil People in General’s first album, “A Desperate Cry for Help Thinly Veiled as a Call to Action,” “Denny’s Parking Lot” is a head-banging punk song that I’m sure many of us can relate to. 

“MISERY LOVES COMPANY” by N3ptune, Rusty Steve

Denver artist N3ptune never fails to amaze me with his gospel-influenced upbeat pop style, which simultaneously takes you to church and the club with his music. Released Dec. 10, 2021, on N3ptune’s latest album with Rusty Steve titled “RENAISSANCE,” “MISERY LOVES COMPANY” grabs you by the soul and takes you for a ride.

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