Letter from the Editor: Collegian changes name to ‘Yeehaw Junction’

Haley Candelario

Dear readers,

For more than 125 years, The Rocky Mountain Collegian has been integral to the history of Colorado State University. The publication has served as the main source of CSU news and as the voice of the student body while also providing an educational tool for many CSU alumni and serving as a stepping stone success in professional journalism careers.


With such a rich, long history on this campus, sometimes change can be hard.

As such, it is with mild reluctance, but mostly excitement, that we announce we will no longer be known as The Collegian. As of today, we are rebranding the publication as Yeehaw Junction. We’re really digging the whole “New publication, who dis?” attitude, but don’t worry — all the content you’ve come to love seeing from our publication will not go away.

Before settling on Yeehaw Junction, student editors suggested new names for the publication, then took a vote on their favorites. Other names considered for the publication included:

  • The Marxist Daily News
  • The Malt Shake Last Call
  • The Turtleneck Telegraph
  • The Hipster Herald
  • The Squirrely Star
  • The Mainstream Medium

Yeehaw Junction unanimously won over the hearts of the student editors.

”I’m just really f*cking pumped about cowboys,” said Forrest Gump, Yeehaw Junction photo editor.” Yeehaw Junction was just too perfect for us not to change to.”

The name “Yeehaw Junction” was inspired by former news editor and night editor of The Collegian, Seth Bodine. Bodine’s favorite catchphrase while working long nights editing articles for The Collegian was “yeehaw.” The phrase became Bodine’s — and consequently, the newsroom’s — rallying cry throughout the long hours painstakingly spent in an office with no windows and harsh, overhead fluorescent lights to put together this newspaper you hold in your very hands, or code the website you’re currently scrolling through.

“I’ll be honest, there were times when I was in this newsroom for over 12 hours, and the only thing that kept my spirits up was Seth Bodine saying ‘Yeehaw,'” said Shelby HA-lsinger, Yeehaw Junction managing editor. “‘Yeehaw’ is the only reason I pulled through for this paper.”

When asked about the name change, Bodine told Yeehaw Junction it was an honor to have his catchphrase inspire the next chapter of CSU’s student-run newspaper.

“My first word as a baby was ‘yeehaw,'” Bodine said. “It’s really amazing that my first — and my favorite — word gets to be the name of a paper that has a long history at CSU.”

“Yeehaw” was so commonly repeated during our days, afternoons and evenings in the newsroom that students passing through our offices started to lovingly refer to it as “Yeehaw Junction.”

With that in mind, we made the decision to continue the work of this publication under this loving moniker bestowed upon us. 


We’ve been known as The Collegian for more than 125 years, and now it’s time to be known as Yeehaw Junction for 125 more. We hope you’ll enjoy this new name as much as we do.

Yeehaw and haw yee, Colorado State.


Hilarious Candelario, editor-in-chief.

Editor’s note: This is a satire piece for April Fools Day. Real names may be used in fictitious/semi-fictitious ways. Those who do not like reading editor’s notes are subject to being offended.

Yeehaw Junction Editor-in-Chief Hilarious Candelario can be reached at editor@collegian.com or on Twitter @H_Candelario98.