Meet the editor: Leta McWilliams, Opinion Editor

Leta McWilliams

Leta McWilliams is a fourth-year English student focusing on creative writing with a minor in journalism who will serve as The Collegian opinion editor for the 2019-20 school year.

She started writing for the opinion desk as a freshman. She immediately fell in love with the lively and intense debates that came from desk meetings. Since then, McWilliams has written about a wide range of topics that grew and cultivated her beliefs. She loves seeing the constant critiques, questioning and expansion of her own views, as well as the views of other writers on the opinion desk.


McWilliams has always loved reading and writing, fascinated by the power and perspective that can come from the written word. At any given time, you can find anything from a Pulitzer Prize winning story to a cheesy sci-fi novel in her hand.

This year, McWilliams hopes to expand the identities on the desk to incorporate as many different opinions across the political spectrum as possible. Her belief is if one person holds an opinion, chances are they aren’t alone — and her goal is to give students a safe place to express and grow those views. While McWilliams identifies politically with liberal ideologies, she is very open to discussions and other identities on the desk.

Leta McWilliams can be reached at letters@collegian and online at @LetaMcWilliams.