Meet the Editor: Anna Stewart, Night Editor

Anna Stewart

Anna Stewart is a senior studying English with a concentration in writing, rhetoric and literacy to pursue her strange love for the fine mechanics of the English language. Temporarily escaping from the haunted basement of Clark, Stewart is thrilled to be The Collegian night editor for the 2019-20 school year.

Reasonably, someone might wonder what Stewart, as a night editor, actually does. Surprisingly, she edits at night. During this nocturnal editing session, Stewart works on the copy desk: the invisible force behind the newspaper that makes sure all the information is accurate, ethical and grammatically correct.


Stewart found her passion for writing and grammar growing up in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania, where she had nothing to do except read and aimlessly wander in the wilderness.

After enduring a number of books with various grammatical errors in them, Stewart decided to devote her life to ridding the world of bad grammar, which put her on a path to become a copy editor.

Halfway through her first semester at Colorado State University in 2018, Stewart discovered the copy desk at The Collegian, and she jumped on board, working as one of the copy editors for the 2018-19 academic year.

Although Stewart never expected to enter journalism, she has loved every second she has spent reading articles and fixing commas and capitalization — although she still winces every time she has to delete an Oxford comma.

Stewart is also an adamant supporter of the em dash. Commas, periods and colons simply can not replace the heartfelt love Stewart has for the em dash, and nothing will change her mind.

Stewart can’t wait to continue her lifelong dream of a grammatically correct world as the night editor for the upcoming school year.

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