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Black History Month shows the Blackprint for American culture

Black History Month shows the ‘Blackprint’ for American culture

Ivy Secrest, Life and Culture Director January 30, 2023

As Black History Month approaches, the Black/African American Cultural Center at Colorado State University prepares for a series of events that will celebrate students and their heritage. Guided by...

LTTE: Higher eds anti-Blackness, in real time

LTTE: Higher ed’s anti-Blackness, in real time

Loren Branch, Guest Author July 6, 2022
This article by Dr. Sydney Freeman Jr. summarizes the reason why my previous role at Colorado State University will likely be the last time I work on anyone’s college campus. I watched that position for years, joyfully accepted and moved across the country for it. A dream come true at the time. I was on the most intentionally inclusive team I've ever experienced, with people I consider friends to this very moment. But the intentions of a few clearly did not reflect the institution as a whole, especially its leadership.
LTTE: The University is denying the genocide of Palestinians

LTTE: The University is denying the genocide of Palestinians

Guest Author May 4, 2022
On Monday, April 11, Colorado State University's Office of Inclusive Excellence hosted Naomi Greenspan of the Academic Engagement Network. The Academic Engagement Network lists its mission as seeking "to oppose efforts to delegitimize Israel, to support robust discussion, research and education about Israel in the academy, to promote campus free expression and academic freedom and to counter antisemitism when it occurs on campus.” Greenspan advocates that opposition to Israel is inherently antisemitic. Against this backdrop, it is important to remember why Israel is so often a target of criticism: Israel is a racially segregated state that continues to engage in deliberate ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.
Heaven Old Coyote puts a beaded feather piece in their hair at the Native American Cultural Centers 37th Annual Pow Wow, hosted by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, in the Lory Student Center

Stella: CSU needs to show more appreciation for Native people

Michael Stella, Collegian Columnist May 3, 2022
The campus tour is a vital part of the decision-making process of future college students deciding which university or college they should attend. There is one element of tours at Colorado State University that is crucial and should go much further in-depth: Native American representation. Tours at Colorado State University follow a defined route that can go either way, forward or backward. A tour typically starts at the iconic Oval and makes stops at Morgan Library, the Student Recreation Center, a residence hall and an academic building. 
Henry: Americas elderly government could use an age cap

Henry: America’s elderly government could use an age cap

Brendan Henry, Collegian Columnist April 25, 2022
President Joe Biden’s ghost handshake went viral a couple weeks ago, but since then, videos of the event taken at different angles have been released, showing he was in fact addressing people who were off-screen in the original video. The fact-checked video seemingly dispels rumors of Biden's confusion, but that does not mean his actions shouldn't be more seriously considered. Before the viral video was fact-checked, I myself fell victim to believing Biden was definitely off his rocker, and it got me thinking we should have an age limit for politicians.
Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) of the Pittsburgh Steelers jogs on field prior to a game Sept. 29, 2008. (Photo courtesy of Andy via Wikimedia Commons)

Hontz: The NFL upholds rape culture

Chase Hontz, Collegian Columnist April 5, 2022
The NFL is certainly no stranger to controversy. Through the actions of superstars such as Antonio Brown, Kareem Hunt, Ben Roethlisberger, Ezekiel Elliott and more, the league seems to turn out scandals like a well-oiled machine at this point. Most recently, the NFL oversaw the conclusion of its latest — and arguably largest — superstar controversy.
(Graphic illustration by Rachel Macias | The Collegian)

Colorado State University celebrates Latinx/e Activism Week

Jack Miller, News Reporter March 30, 2022

Colorado State University is commemorating Latinx/e Activism Week. This week recognizes influential activists and leaders who took part in the farmworkers’ rights movements. In previous years, CSU...

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