The Weather is Changing… Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Ways to Weatherproof Your Home For Winter


It is very typical for accidents to happen during this time of year due to lack of preparation for
the cold winter months. Accidents such as pipes bursting, water leaks, and clogged air ducts are
common. It is important for you to know how to prepare your homes for the cold temperatures.

1. Make sure your pipes are well insulated. Your pipes should be covered in soft foam to
keep pipes secure and covered. Without insulation, hot water will lose heat and cold
water will begin to get warmer. Insulated pipes will help balance current temperatures.
2. If you have Mountain Homes, remember to prepare these as well for winter. The colder
temperatures up there can more likely to cause accidents
3. Be sure to turn off sprinkler systems. These systems can rupture and cause leaks and
pipes to burst
4. Drain out your hot water heater
5. Properly seal your doors and windows to stop drafts
6. Seal window wells with hard plastics to prevent snow pile
7. Change out your air filters every 6 months
8. Make sure to get ducts cleaned before furnace is turned on to prevent a burning smell
9. Have a sufficient amount of insulation in the attic. Many people forget this space is most
likely to freeze first
10. Use antifreeze to flush out pipes to stop lines from freezing
11. Clean out your gutters so there is no debris left behind

If an accident does happen this winter, ServPro Fort Collins is here to help.
Our lines are open 24/7.