Etiquette on the First date: How a Lady Makes a Good Impression

Together with an expert on etiquette, we talked about appearance, nonverbal communication, tactile contact, behavior at the table, and topics of conversation. In short, all those things in which girls can make mistakes on a first date. And also found the best options for completing the meeting – both if you want to see each other again, and if you plan to refuse a man.


Create the right image

When girls are going to their first meeting with a young man, they usually think about what to wear, what hairstyle to do, what makeup to apply. But appearance is only one part of your image.

The image always consists of little things: grooming, neatness, gestures, mannerisms, the ability to support the conversation — all this is much more important and attractive than expensive dresses and hairstyles from the salon.

The use of expensive things is not a guarantee of the quality of the image. Clothing and accessories of famous brands just like any other lose their value if they are used sloppily.

If we are going to breakfast, there is no need to wear expensive jewelry, do bright makeup and wear an evening gown. The other extreme is to come to a restaurant, or theater in the evening without makeup, wearing sneakers and a tracksuit. If your companion will turn to a Dubai car rental Ferrari, and come in a luxury car, then your image should match the style of the upcoming evening. Given the popularity of car rental services today, you should be prepared for anything. Even if your partner does not own a luxury car or does not drive at all. After all, he may rent a car with a driver. It’s also worth noting for the men who are reading this article.

At the table

Familiarize yourself with the rules of table etiquette. You’ll feel much more confident when you know how to handle different appliances, eat complex dishes, where to put your bag and what to do with a textile napkin.

The phone on the table is taboo. Talking on the phone at your desk, flipping through your social media feeds, and taking down stories is disrespectful to your partner. If you have to take an important call, excuse yourself, walk away from the table, and talk away.

Don’t pounce on the food, but don’t order just a salad of greens to show off your modest appetite either. Both of these extremes are a bad tone. And please don’t immediately begin to bend your date to your eating habits, even if they are all very healthy.

Topics of conversation?

A major mistake would be to remain silent, so any conversation can be important. However, there are topics that are best avoided on a first date:

  • About your former relationships. Listing, or counting exes is awful. But there is an even more unpleasant trait of talking about ex-partners in a negative way.
  • Don’t accuse anyone of anything, or berate anyone. A man can project this onto himself.
  • About his mother in a negative way. Even if she gives him the funniest tie in the world and calls him a hundred times a night. Maybe your partner suffers from this hyper-parenting, or maybe his mother is seriously ill. While we do not know all this, keep strict neutrality.
  • About “female” illnesses and ailments. Talking about diseases is an originally doubtful idea, and certainly dipping into the wonderful world of gynecology on a first date, this is clearly too much.
  • About your plans for the future together. Do not talk about your future children, that you want to live with this man by the sea and cook him dinner every day. First of all, this is too naive, for the first day of the relationship, and secondly, it is quite intrusive and can simply scare your partner away. Men have been hunting and fighting for a million years, they are interested in conquering us. Accessibility is a loss of interest. But arrogance, pathos, and arrogance are not the best alternatives. Dignity, self-respect, combined with courtesy and friendliness seem like the perfect set.

What to do if the person isn’t right for you

The date is over, you’ve talked enough and had enough. If you liked everything – you know what to do. Of course, to arrange a second date. But sometimes it happens that you do not like your companion. That’s okay, not all people have to like each other.


You don’t have to tell the young man head-on that there’s something wrong with him. If your partner invites you on a second date, and you do not want to go on it, then thank him, but refuse. And don’t forget to give a sincere compliment.


By parting with a person politely – you leave a pleasant impression of yourself. In the future, the person will not hold a grudge against you and you will not have to feel awkward at a chance meeting.